Smart Ways to Stay Healthy with Technology

Technology has made keeping track of health and staying fit a simple process. There are numerous gadgets and apps that can simplify one’s healthy lifestyle. Every year thousands of people set out on the journey of weight loss and improved health. Every year, thousands of people fail. They start out great for the first few weeks, then their workouts begin to taper off. Eventually, they stop working out altogether and keep paying a gym membership that’s not being used.

Failure obtaining targeted weight and healthy eating goals happens for a variety of reasons. In today’s world, people work harder and longer hours than ever before. It’s difficult to find time to exercise, prepare healthy meals, and count calories. People just give up and go back to what they know.

Luckily, technological companies are noticing that individuals need more simplicity in this complex world. They are creating apps and gadgets that can help people push through and reach their health and fitness goals.


Smartphones have become the way of life. There are people who can barely function during the day if they leave home without their smartphone. It is used for communicating with friends and family, ordering food, checking e-mails, purchasing goods and services, typing notes, watching television, and more. Now, smartphones have apps that are specifically for health and fitness.

Health and fitness apps help people keep up with their goals easily and at all times. Everything the need to keep track of their health is in the palm of their hands.

Calorie Tracking

Being healthy is not all about exercise. All the exercise in the world doesn’t stand a chance against an unhealthy diet. Using apps to count calories helps individuals keep up with what they eat and how much they eat.

These apps gather personal statistics to ascertain where a person stands in their journey to a healthier life. Individuals using the apps will enter information such as weight, height, gender, goals, and activity level.

The app can be used by entering in the food consumed and it will automatically show the calories for the food as long as the food item is in the database. And if it isn’t, it can be entered manually and saved for the future.

Go to the app store or play store on a smartphone and a plethora of calorie counting apps will pop up. There are some free apps but the ones that do cost money are relatively cheap.

Running Partners

Running is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. But it’s hard to stay motivated when trying to keep a running schedule, especially when running alone. These apps will track distance, speed, elevation, time, and calories burned. Some apps allow users to map out a route for their run and use the map while running.

There are running apps that provide a real voice coach. The voice coach will inform the user of their time and speed among other things. Apps can even keep track of how many miles one has put on their shoes so they know when to purchase new running shoes.

Not only are there apps and smartphones that help simplify living a healthy lifestyle, companies are also creating cookware that makes it easier to fix healthy meals on the go.

Proper nutrition is the pillar of a healthy lifestyle. While apps can keep track of food, they can’t make people eat healthier. So people need other items to help make the choice to lead a healthy lifestyle easier.

Masticating Juicer

best masticating juicer

Technology has also improved the way people eat. Many people don’t eat as much fruit and vegetables as they should. A masticating juicer can help people consume more fruits and vegetables daily. Eating fruits and vegetables may be hard but drinking them is easy. A masticating juicer crushes fruits and vegetables turning them into juice. Making them easily digestible.

Using masticating juicers allow one to digest more enzymes, minerals, and nutrients than regular juicers. This juicer works great with leafy green vegetables. Digesting fruits and vegetables in the form of juice allow one to get the required nutrients on the go. It also makes consuming not so tasty vegetables easier.
Technology will continue to have a great impact on people’s lives. Technological companies are creating apps, watches, cookware, and more to help people all around the world become the healthiest version of themselves.

Janet Reviews the Best Juicers

One of today’s health trends is making your own fruit and vegetable juices.  Juicing has been around for decades, but has made a big comeback recently thanks to more of us realizing that we need to do more to get and stay healthier.  Finding the right juicer to meet your needs can be a little easier if you understand the different types of juicers available and what other features and considerations should go into your decision making process.

Among general purpose juicers, there are centrifugal and masticating models.  Centrifugal models are generally lighter weight and less expensive.  Produce is loaded through the intake chute.  The size of the intake chute varies by model and will determine how small you have to cut the produce prior to loading. Next, centrifugal juicers chop the produce into even smaller pieces and spin those pieces at high speeds that separate liquid from solid.  The juice is sent into one container, and the pulp is left behind.  These juicers tend to produce less juice than masticating models, which is worth considering when looking at cost.  In other words, you’ll spend less money up front, but could spend more on produce to get the same amount of juice as a more expensive masticating model.  Centrifugal juicers also tend to warm the juice during the spinning process, making it necessary to refrigerate or add ice if you want a cold glass of juice.  Contrary to some reports, though, there’s not enough heat generated to damage the juice’s nutrients in any way.

Masticating juicers rely on an auger to press and grind your produce to extract juice.  They tend to be slower, heavier, and more expensive than centrifugal models, but they do produce more juice.  They tend to have smaller intake chutes than centrifugal juicers, which just means you’ll have to cut your produce into smaller pieces prior to loading.  Their slower, chewing-like process  doesn’t allow as much air to enter the juice, which some say results in juice that tastes better than that produced by centrifugal versions.  For reviews of a handful of masticating juicers, check out  You’ll get pros and cons of each as well as additional information to consider when shopping.

There are also some specialty juicers available.  Citrus juicers are automatic versions of the manual juicers we’ve all seen.  Simply place a cut half of your favorite citrus fruit in the juicer, and the machine will use some combination of twisting and pressing to extract juice.  The most efficient citrus juicers will spin in one direction and then the other for maximum extraction.

The other main specialty juicer you’ll come across is the wheatgrass juicer.  As the name implies, these models are designed to handle wheatgrass, which can be a tough chore for other juicers.  These machines actually resemble meat grinders and work in much the same way.  Wheatgrass is first loaded into a hopper.  Next, a manually-operated crank feeds the grass through the machine.  There are a few masticating juicers than can handle wheatgrass proficiently, so it is possible to get a machine that will handle all of your juicing needs if you do your homework and are prepared to spend a little more.  If you’re looking for a top rated wheatgrass juicer, this site lists several contenders, along with pros and cons of each to make your decision easier.

If you want to use your juicer regularly but are short on counter space, be sure to consider the footprint of any models you consider.  If you will have to move your juicer frequently, make sure you look for one that is easy to handle and not so heavy as to be a problem.  You’ll also want to be clear on how much produce a juicer can handle at once so that you’ll know how often you might have to empty and reload to get your desired amount of juice.  Since you’ll need to clean your juicer thoroughly after each use, finding a model that’s easy to clean is important, too.  No juicer is worth the money you’ll spend if you don’t actually use it because it’s too big, too heavy, or too inconvenient.